Finding Desktop Pc Model Number

Apr 1, 2017. You can find the exact serial number of the laptop or branded PC in a. On a branded desktop PC, you can find the serial number on the sticker.

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Mar 31, 2015. You can find the model number of your Dell laptop on the laptop identification label on the bottom of the computer, on the boot screen, in the.

If you can't find a date, look for a serial number and contact the manufacturer to find the computer's history. Searching for the PC's model number on the.

Model name is a unique name of the computer (desktop computer, laptop) or product given by computer hardware manufacturer. Computer model name allows manufacturers to keep track of each hardware device and its identify. It helps them during the repairing and replacement of proper part of computer when needed.

Aug 09, 2018  · Find the "Product" label. Typically, this label will be in a section separate from the "Regulatory" part of the information here. Next to the "Product" label will be a series of numbers and letters; this is your HP laptop’s model number. If you can’t find "Product", look for a "Serial" heading.

This will help you how to identify the product number, serial number and model name of your machine. This will help you how to identify the product number, serial number and model name of your machine. Lenovo Inc. View. PC Data Center Mobile: Lenovo.

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Sep 25, 2012. Start menu > right-click on My Computer > choose Properties. Click on the. It may also be possible to find out which model chipset you have.

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Jul 25, 2017. The model number for most desktops are located on the front of the computer. The laptop model numbers can be found on the bottom of the.

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Nov 20, 2017. Here's how to tell how old a Mac is, including the model number and what type of. and want to be sure that the latest version of macOS won't break your computer. Here's how to find what type of desktop Mac you have:.

You can find the model number for your dell pc on this 3 places of you laptops. Bottom of Laptop; Check the bottom of your laptop (base). The model number (Model No) is not what you are looking for.

Method 1 : You can find the model name on the label which is pasted on the back of the laptop. For example: X302LA PadFone & ZenFone & FonePad • Please go to ZenUI FAQ→Contact ASUS to check the model name. (For Zenfone/Padfone/Fonepad) • Please check the package box for.

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How to find your Dell laptop model 3 ways to find your Dell laptop make and model.

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If you want to find out the computer model name and the computer serial number of your Windows PC, here is a simple way to do it using the command prompt. Find out the local computer model name.

Mar 09, 2017  · How to Find Serial Number of Windows PC Information Sometimes abbreviated as Serial No., SN or S/N, a serial number is a unique number as. If you have a desktop, look at the back, top, side, Note. If you can’t find the serial number on the PC itself, look online for instructions specific to your PC’s model number. The manufacturer’s.

Question from Beverly L.: Rick, I have a four year old Dell laptop computer that I’m planning to sell on Craigslist. The problem is I have no idea what the model number of the computer is. The label on the bottom is faded so badly that I can’t read it.

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Knowing the laptop/desktop’s model number can speed up your repair process fairly. If you could tell your repair mechanic or service provider the exact model number of your device, it would be a great help for him and he could save much amount of your time.

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How to Find Serial Number of Windows PC Information Sometimes abbreviated as Serial No., SN. if is a no name desktop [assembled by me]

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If you can’t find the serial number on the PC itself, look online for instructions specific to your model. The manufacturer’s website should tell you exactly where to look. If you registered your PC with the manufacturer or received warranty service, the serial number should be included in the registration documentation, warranty service receipt, or email confirmation for the service.

A desktop computer is a personal computer designed for regular use at a single location on or. the early 2000s, when they were reduced to a niche product, as OEM desktop PCs came with sound. In 2008, it was estimated that 145.9 million notebooks were sold, and that the number would grow in 2009 to 177.7 million.

How to identify the Intel® desktop board model, AA number, and serial number. You can find several small labels on your Intel Desktop Board. Your computer manufacturer can customize desktop boards to enable or alter features,

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Beneath the Laptop’s Bottom Casing. If you can’t locate the model number on the battery or on the bottom of the computer, you may need to remove the casing on the underside of the laptop to find it.

Feb 14, 2017  · microsoft corporation and/or its respective suppliers make no representations about the suitability, reliability, or accuracy of the information and related graphics contained herein.

Feb 27, 2017. you might need to find your motherboard's brand and model number. And with OEM PCs and laptops, it's not always as straightforward as.

Aug 11, 2011. Learn a simple trick that will help you find the serial number and system model name of your laptop or desktop computer.

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Some desktop computers are sold in a bundle with a monitor, scanner, and/or printer. The bundle of products is identified by a "-b" after the model name.To find information for the desktop computer inside the bundle, search for the model name without the “-b”.For example, to find information on the 533w-b, search HP’s website for 533w.To find information about another product in the bundle.